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The Vermilion 2012 Superbowl Pool

Boxes are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Team names and column/row numbers will be added after the grid is full. Each box costs $1. Winners will be determined by the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter. Payout is as follows:

1st Quarter: 15%
Halftime: 20%
3rd Quarter: 15%
Final: 50%

To enter your picks click on the "Enter Picks" button below the grid into which you want to make your selections. You will then see a grid with checkboxes (unless, of course, the grid is already full). Select the box (or boxes) that you want and click the submit button. If you have any questions, please contact the pool administrator.

Pool Number 1  
    matt david jas jen dave ben jay ata jill brian
  jay jill jen brian jas dave ata matt david tom
  nora jas matt jill jen ata jay jay david david
  ata tom matt dave dave jas dave dave david jill
  david matt jay ata jay jill jen brian jas ben
  jay ata dave ben nora tom matt jas jill ben
  tom brian ata nora jill david jas brian matt dave
  dave david jill jas brian matt jay tom brian ata
  jas david ata matt dave brian jill david jen brian
  jill jay jay nora david matt jay brian ata jas
Pool Number 2  
    nora jill ata jas david jen tom matt nora dave
  ben nora jay jen ben david jen danielle brian tom
  tom ben nora tom dave jas ata jill ben jas
  brian tom ben nora tom jay matt danielle ata ben
  tom nora jill ben nora nora brian jas tom danielle
  jay brian tom david ben nora ben jen jay nora
  brian ben tom dave jen ben dave tom jas jill
  matt tom ata tom jay jen dave nora matt nora
  jill jen matt ben tom jill david danielle jen ata
  dave jas jen jill danielle tom danielle ata david jen